With a clear vision from God, the blessing of Alan and Joy, and the support of The Ark Church in Conroe; Luke and Anna set out to start a church in Huntsville, TX. Our launch team quickly grew from 30 to 100 people, and since the first Sunday in August 2017, the momentum hasn’t stopped! In just over two years, we’ve seen over 800 decisions to follow Jesus, marriages restored, college students coming back to Christ, and the community served financially and through local missions outreaches. God is truly doing great things!

From the first Sunday, we’ve always been intentional about being a multi-generational church. Pastor Luke has always said, “We’ve got a bunch of college students, and we’re not a college church. We’ve got a bunch of older people, and we’re not an old church. We’re a church for anybody who wants to experience the fullness of Christ.” This is such an important piece to our culture because young people need to see a 30 year marriage, and older people need to see the passion and life of younger people. Together, we build each other.